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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 9, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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when police found her, she said she was scared of smith and wanted to go home. inside a room at this knights inn, anne arundel police found the girl all alone, no money and told police she was afraid to leave for fear of being locked out. for days she was forced to turn tricks in the district in atlantic city, keeping all the money. according to a police affidavit, the girl said the defendant offered to transport her to atlantic city, new jersey, where she would work as a prostitute. the juvenile stayed he told her the prices to charge and while in atlantic city she turned approximately eight tricks. according to the affidavit, the juvenile said at one point she told the defendant she wanted to go home and he yelled at her that he was not going to take her home. the juvenile stated because of his deep voice and size, his
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tone scared her. she did not mention it again. >> it boggles the mind that adult prey on young children. but it exists. >> reporter: the girl told police smith claimed he had a gun and would use it if she kept asking to go home. >> he held her against her will at a certain point. the investigation is very active. we are urging folks to come forward with information that they may have. if there are other victims, contact anne arundel police department. >> reporter: derwin smith has not been charged with sex related crimes but he has a long history of arrests, dating back to 1986 with numerous assault charges. in maryland he has a history of arrests on mostly minor offenses spending nine months in jail in the early '90s on a drug charge. derwin smith was originally held on $3 million bond. he is still behind bars tonight. the officers that found the
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girl are part of a human trafficking task force comprised of the fbi, ice and maryland state police. police went to the hotel on a tip. at this hour, we know nothing about the girl other than she was reported missing on may 25th. >> more to come on this one. paul wagner live in the newsroom. thank you. we will stay in maryland and talk about a montgomery county police officer accused of perjury and misconduct. she took the stand today. anna hoffman is accused of giving false testimony during a dui trial in 2009. then she claims she arrested a man behind the wheel of a car in a parking lot but surveillance video shows her approaching the man in the back seat of the car. the defense claims she made the mistakes because she didn't remember that detail, not to a deliberate lie. tonight one of aol's original employees and a developer is in big legal trouble, charged with using a hidden camera at a post prom party in centreville,
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virginia. >> reporter: it all stems from a party that took place at the home of craig dykstra. a hidden video camera was discovered by two teenagers in a changing room. one of the teens gave the camera to his parents and they called police. they found a video recording of at least eight to tennessee new jersey boys and girls in bathing suits and to wells. craig dykstra was charged with unlawful filming which is a misdemeanor that carries up to a year in prison if convicted. following the arrest, they decided to search other items inside the home. >> as we understand it, there were parties at this house before. we have no reason to believe that there are other victims or aren't other victims but if someone believes they are a victim or knows someone that was a victim or they believe they are a victim, contact police. >> reporter: it's important to tell you we did try to speak to
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craig dykstra at his home. the woman who answered said he wasn't at home and there would be no comment on this matter. authorities seized computers, cell phones and cameras from the home on monday night. >> matt ackland, thank you. new details continue to emerge in the arrest of joran van der sloot. police say he confessed to killing a 21-year-old woman inside his lima, peru, hotel room. now they will do a crime scene walk through in person with van der sloot. the young murder suspect is saying his confession was coerced. >> reporter: questions are being raised about how exactly joran van der sloot came to confess and whether it was due to illegal peruvian coercion. according to authorities, the 23-year-old dutch suspect in the natalee holloway disappearance five years ago and the now the murder of stephany flores confessed late monday crying that when he came
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back with coffee to his hotel room, he found flores on the laptop discovering that he was the prime suspect in the holloway disappearance. police say that sent her into a rage, he grabbed her neck and killed her. but his former butch attorney says, this, he told his mother crying that he was being interrogated under reasonably barbaric conditions. he said the police were trying to force him to confess. legal experts say by confessing in peru he could actually reduce a possible 35 year prison sentence by half f not down to less than 10 years. there are several key aspects of the case that peruvian authorities are keeping secret. for example in the hotel video showing two entering but only him leaving. we never see him leaving and coming back with coffee. police have not released more than these select clips. the first peruvian defense
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attorney assigned to represent van der sloot says she was removed from the case on monday replaced by a still unnamed defense attorney. media reports say van der sloot's mother is on seen trying to arrange their own attorney. peruvian prosecutors have until this weekend to charge him with murder. the fbi is getting some criticism for not arresting van der sloot sooner. agents set up a sting after learning he was asking for the holloway's mother in exchange for information in their daughter's disappearance. agents gave 15,000 discrimination as sort of -- $15,000 as part of a down payment and they believe he used that money to get to peru for a poker tournament. the oil spill in the gulf is taking center stage. a shrimper was arrested after dousing herself with what looked like oil. lawmakers are looking into the safety of oil drilling, reconsidering caps on liability and investigating what caused
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the deep water horizon disaster in the first place. bp says it's capturing 630 gallons of water each day and that amount could double next week to more than a million gallons. those numbers raise new doubts about the government's estimates that 500,000 to 1 million gallons are spewing each day. some of the smallest victims of the oil spill are the animals. many have been killed or hurt after being caught up in pools of oil. some of the animals that survived may end up being nursed back to health in maryland. beth parker shows where us loving hands are waiting. >> reporter: this huge green sea turtle certainly captured the attention of this 5-year- old >> very big. giant. >> reporter: milan is visiting the national aquarium in baltimore with his grandparents. this is what they see. behind the scenes of the aquarium, they are preparing to help turtles a thousand miles
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away. >> reporter: national oceanic and atmospheric administration has put the national aquarium on standby to help care for animals injured in the gulf oil spill >> so, we are learning daily about the animals that are coming ashore, how many are oiled, how many are not, how many are surviving and how many are not surviving. >> reporter: one of the steps they are taking at the national aquarium is to drain the water out of this giant pool because they are working to install a heating system. you see, sick animals require higher water temperature. like when you are sick, it's nice to be cut lettered under a blanket. they will gain more space by releasing these turtles out into the wild. they to health after being rescued from bitter cold water off the coast of new england over the winter. they nearly drown. creatures that run into oil may suffer the same fate. >> it may be coated, clog its
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ability to breath. >> reporter: those that survive the spill may be hungry and searching for food. in baltimore, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a portion of the entry fee you pay to get in the national 'aquarium goes to animal care including programs to help the animals in the oil spill. we have continuing coverage of the oil spill on stay on top of the latest developments and check out the six live underwater cameras. deadly storms carved a path of destruction in a quiet community. survivors are developing the strength to go on. a graduation ceremony where the town has come together to honor the victims. traffic alert on one of the area's busiest roads. what you need to know no navigate the changes coming ahead. i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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. you can expect more traffic delays around the 14th street
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bridge. the area is considered one of the worst bottlenecks in d.c. phase 2 of construction work starts monday. the lanes will split and drivers will be routed around both sides of barriers. two northbound lanes will close from 10:00 to 5:00 a.m. friday, saturday and sunday. one year after park police shot a d.c. man to death, his family is demanding more information. relatives and friends of tray joiner held a vigil on the steps of the wilson building. the chief said the officers were investigating reports of possible criminal activity. joiner's family wants city officials to put pressure on park police and the fbi to release the full report. >> it was said he was shot in the back and not resisting arrest. and it appears he did not have a weapon on him. >> the fbi is investigating the case. u.s. park police are referring
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all calls for information back to the fbi. a deadly tornado ripped apart this ohio community and destroyed much of the local high school. that did not stop graduation last night. families showed their love and support, especially for one teenager. we have a closer look tonight. >> reporter: with smiles on their faces, sadness in their hearts, 110 seniors from lake high school marched into owens community college in perrysburg wearing light blue and navy grounds. they were greeted with a standing ovation. the tornado leveled the high school. many memories were shattered. the superintendent promised the district will rise again. >> we will rebuild both lives and homes but in the end, by sticking together and taking care of each other, this school district and this community
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will be even stronger than ever. >> the class of 2010 will be leaving behind quite a legacy. you were the first class to walk into the new middle school as sixth graders and go all three years. you are now the last class to walk out and graduate from the building that now lies in ruins. >> reporter: five people were killed in the storm. one was the valedictorian's father, ted krantz. he died trying to go upstairs to get a flashlight when the tornado struck. katy krantz took part in the ceremony. [ applause ] >> reporter: although the pain caused by the devastation is still raw, for one day, students stood together one last time. >> keep faith in the things you do. like an old friend once said,
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there is a light at the end of this tunnel. >> clearly a resilient community. the diplomas were buried in all the wreckage we showed you after the storm. volunteers dug them out so students could receive them at the ceremony. the children's miracle network champions are wrapping up the dream vacation to d.c. they are survivors that have overcome incredible health challenges. they have met with lawmakers and rubbing elbows with the president. if the weather holds out, the kids will cap off the trip with a nats game tonight. fox 5 is proud to be a sponsor of the network. >> i think gary gave us a behind that we have to get -- hint that we have to get through the current rain in our track right now to make way for something better. >> gary, let's talk about that and the possibility of getting in this nats game tonight. >> is strasburg pitching again? >> i don't think so. they should be able to get that in with no problem. there will be a possibility of a shower here or there.
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most of the rain has headed out of here. remember yesterday if you were with us, we were talking about the possibility of maybe getting into thunderstorms tonight if we broke into sunshine. that has not really happened. so, therefore there is no substantial threat, no threat at all for any of these thunderstorms to be popping up late this afternoon and this evening. we get late rain in here but it's moving out. most of it is across the bay right now. as max hd radar will show you, we are not completely dry in the city, not right now. there is a little drizzle out there, a little light rain passing by from time to time. cambridge, easton the heavier rain and that is off to the shore as well. there was a little shower right here in the city passing through the district. it's still there. don't -- you notice the orange speck there next to dc, ignore that. that is ground cover. but from the eastern sections of the district, a light rain shower moving through. we may have a couple more of
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those before it's said and done. max hd radar, the larger picture, there is rain up to the northwest. there is the possibility that we get showers around here this evening. once those showers pass by, you can see breaks with the clouds up into ohio and michigan. that will get here overnight tonight and begin to clear things out in a little bit. here is the forecast for the evening hours. keep the umbrella handy through the evening hours. i think you will need it. temperatures will hold steady in the lower 70s for the next several hours. there is a lot of warm air to the south of us. you guys in fredricksburg are sitting at 80 degrees. we talk about the heat. it builds in the next few days. if you like the hot and muggy stuff, that is coming back. but originally the question was the nats should play tonight with no problem and hopefully win. >> we have our continuingers crossed on that one, even if strasburg isn't pitching. dozens of veterans are getting college scholarships
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thanks to the pat tillman foundation. he gave up playing football to enlist in the army. he was killed in 2004. >> for us, 9-11 caused us to stop and reevaluate our lives. like many of you, we decided to go a different way. we decided to dedicate our lives to something that felt more meaningful at the time >> this year 30 tillman military scholarships were awarded to pay expenses like tuition, fees and books. renovations started in honor of one of d.c.'s favorite sons. more than 100 volunteers began working in the marvin gaye park. they are building the foundation and laying the
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foundation. feed the children delivered eight trailers full of food and personal supplies to northeast d.c. they are working with calvary food bank. families are prescreened to receive a box of food, personal care items and avon products. it will help 3200 local families. was it meant to be? a bride and groom getting ready for their wedding discovered they met decades ago. you don't want to miss this sweet tale of fate in about 20 minutes. you can't seem to shed the extra pounds? your workout isn't the only thing you need to focus on.
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fishtail. asthma sufferers are rushing to india for a cure. it's a special yellow paste inside a live fish that patients would swallow. a family claims their st. gave the family the formula in 1845 and since then they have given it a way for free one day every year. >> interesting. if you are trying to stay healthy by working out, what you eat before and after you exercise may impact your results. some trainers believe the simplest foods can give you the maximum benefits. we have more on fueling your workout. >> reporter: at the body construction gym in tampa, workouts can be intense. >> you get hooked. >> it's fast. >> reporter: and during the workout, everyone agrees there is one beverage they can't do without. >> water. >> reporter: it's before and after a workout where things change. >> in the morning, i have a protein shake. >> reporter: trainer roy tailor drinks one, too. >> these shakes can give you an added benefit.
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>> reporter: when you are done with your workout, you want to get protein in, ideally within 20 minutes of your workout. >> reporter: dr. kathleen london says the protein does haven't to come in a mix. >> personally i like to eat. food is a great way to do that. >> reporter: the benefits can come in another kind of a bottle, one that you can pick up at any store. >> chocolate mill many was studied as a recovery drink. it's just as good as the ones you pay for a designer blend. >> reporter: it has protein, carbohydrates and fat. >> normally we don't recommend something with a lot of sugar. the exception is following a workout. that's the time you can get away with the simple sugars that we consider not so good for us. >> reporter: a lot depends on what you can tolerate. >> i have a protein bar. >> reporter: the right mix for resulting beyond how you look. >> be on the proper diet and
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fell comfortable with who you are. >> races in 12 states decided. we are following key primaries across the country and here at home. here is a hint. it was a big night for women. never say never. one local girl overcame all the odds to turn her life around. she lost her parents, grandmother and that's half of it. amazing story of triumph and survival coming your way next. south africa is fueling the world cup friendly with a special brew. they are bringing out a special blend for the games but it will not be sold at soccer matches. we are breaking down the details coming up. >> try that after a workout, too. all eyes on the skies. wet weather making it across the area. will the skies clear? the forecast from gary is coming up in about 20 minutes.
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many high school graduates are looking ahead to college and hoping for success. they can hope to follow in the footsteps of a young d.c. woman. >> she is this arriving in college that made the odds of graduating from high school a real challenge. a special program is helping keep her on the right track. john henrehan is here with more details. >> it's the college success foundation that uses mentor monitoring, getting on the backs of kids that sometimes have no one else looking out for them. we will use one young woman as an illustration. her story is amassing. she has by most measures lead a hard life during her childhood. here is the condensed version of her story. >> when i was 3 my dad murdered my mom. i stayed with my grandmother until i was 11 or 12. she got sick.
5:31 pm
i was living in texas with her. she moved me back to d.c. with my aunt. my aunt was on drugs. she relapsed. our house became the crack house. i was surrounded by a lot of negative things. she got murdered. then i moved around and moved around. >> reporter: she wound up in d.c.'s foster care system. didn't like it, tried to leave on her own. that's when she faced a life- changing choice. a d.c. judge proposed a deal. if she promised to stay under the auspiceses of foster care, the judge promised to help find a way for her to finance college. she took the deal, wound up graduating from a charter school and finished nearly two years of college at trinity university here in d.c. it wasn't just the intervention of the judge that made the difference. she is monitored by mentors from a group called the college success foundation.
5:32 pm
>> we take the parent's place of a parent. our guidance and staff, we treat these kids as if they are our own. >> reporter: when we say monitored, we mean monitored. >> if i don't go to class or something, i will get a phone call, voice males and e-mails. >> reporter: the college success foundation has been around for 10 years. its track regard is amazing. 97% of the monitored students graduate from high school. 6 letter 8% that even -- 68% that enroll in college graduate. that is far better than ordinary kids than at risk. >> when you hear her story, you think of an excuse why i didn't make it, look at that young lady and what she's done. >> amazing story. i think folks at home would agree. i'm wondering, what is her plan
5:33 pm
after college. >> she looked me in the eye and said oh, i am going to be a lawyer. >> i believe that. >> that's wonderful. such a great program, how do they fund it and get the money for school. >> bill and melinda gates wrote a check for more than 100 million. >> wonderful program. >> thank you, john. the corruption trial of former illinois governor rod blagojevich continues in chicago. a man testified today that he and others in the former governor's inner circle talked about how they could make money from state actions. blagojevich continues to maintain his known sense. >> my daughter asked the jury to follow the money. i ask you, the men and women of the press, follow the money and you will see -- you will see that i never took a dime, i never took a nickel. i didn't take a penny. i didn't earn -- i wasn't entitled to. >> the man on the stand pled
5:34 pm
guilty to ware fraud and agreed to test for a lenient sentence. mr. obama met with may mad abbas at the white house today. he said a better approach is needed in gaza. a military operation left nine people dead on a flotilla. it's imperative to find a balance that meets the needs of the israelis and palestinians in gaza. the results are in for two primaries. patrick murray defeated matthew barry. murray faces jim moran in november. in the 11th district, keith simeone won the primary and will go up against jerry connolly. virginia voters joined those in nearly a dozen states going to the polls in the biggest primary day of the year. the results show a good night for female candidates in both parties. jennifer davis looks at what this could mean for election day come november.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: meg whitman's $70 million investment into her california gubernatorial campaign paid off on primary night. she faces jerry brown in november. she said her win puts career politicians on notice. >> you now face your worst nightmare, two business women. >> reporter: that second business woman is carly fiorina. she won the nomination in the california senate primary. she will take on barbara boxer. >> she nab washington, d.c. for 28 years. as of today, game on, barbara. >> reporter: blanche lincoln of arkansas is celebrating too. she narrowly defeated bill halter 0 who had the support of organized labor that poured millions in his campaign. >> the vote of this senator is not for sale and neither is the vote of the people of arkansas. >> reporter: harry reid won his
5:36 pm
party's nomination in nevada and will face sharon evening also a tea party favorite. >> she actually came from nowhere in a 13 person field in the republican primary to win this election. >> reporter: democrats have the most seats to defend on capitol hill in november because they have majority in both chambers of congress. jennifer davis, fox news. is lelo heading back to jail for breaking the law? tmz breaks it down at 5:50. he's a pitching sensation that could take the nationals all the way. tonight 24 hours after his major league debut, local businesses are cashing in on the craze. we will introduce you to the straus about yourer in about -- strasburger in about 10 minutes.
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soccer fans in south africa are getting an early taste of world cup fever. the country's largest brewery is serving up a limited edition of castle beer. they are making 1 million bottles. they are only for sale right now at bars because anheuser busch is the only beer company serving inside. they probably paid a pretty penny for that. to an amazing coincidence for a couple. this is a picture. in front of you you sedona and her brother posing at disney. her husband alex spotted his dad in the background pushing a stroller. alex is the kid in the stroller. the couple couldn't believe it but alex's mom showed them another photo of dad wearing the outfit. it's for sure. their paths crossed when they
5:41 pm
were youngsters. >> it has a meant to be kind of quality to it. a soggy start to the day didn't give up anyway >> you kind of needed your umbrella pretty much all day. it's not over yet. the question remains, when will it clear up. gary is next with the all- important weekend forecast. 
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washington, d.c. the epicenter of the baseball universe yesterday because of strasburg. he lived up to the hype. >> there are day bus and there are debuts and this was off the chart. he struck out 14 pirates in seven innings. 14 strikeouts. a new national records. he hit 100 miles per hour on the radar gun twice.
5:45 pm
allowed two runs on four hits. retired the final ten batters he faced in order to earn the win. he had no walks. he never surpassed nine strikeouts in one game. stephen strasburg with some postgame analysis. >> i didn't have any expectations going into the game. i didn't know how it was going to be. i wanted to soak it in and enjoy it. definitely icing on the cake to pitch well and get a win. >> he did tremendous. he is unbelievable. get ahead all the time. he did great. >> well, what is last night's win worth? some economists think he cleared $1.5 million for the nats organization. local businesses alone are celebrating the boost he will bring to the city including one that is hoping to cash in on
5:46 pm
the straus about yourburger -- strasburger. we sent melanie alnwick to check it out. >> reporter: how do some fans celebrate a flame throwing phenom? by throwing down strasburgers. he has inspired a city and a chef leading the ceo of the burger joint to build this towering tribute. >> his last name lent itself to strasburger. >> reporter: then he topped theburger with a dog for the desert dogs. >> then he went to syracuse, orange men for the cheese. >> reporter: a pickle for each strikeout. >> it was easy to count. we thought maybe three or
5:47 pm
four. >> reporter: but it kept adding up, 14 in all. >> that's a lot of pickles. i like pickles and strikeouts. >> reporter: if you want to add to the authentic experience, you have to add a little heat. >> it was terrific. >> this crowd is crazy. >> reporter: and if the rocket armed right hander keeps delivering. >> we have five days for more pickles to come in. >> reporter: he has been an economic stimulus in every city he played. here sales of his namesake burger are going strong. >> i will eat it every five days, which is how often he pitches. >> we needed this. the city needed it, we needed it. >> reporter: with the taste of a new era fresh on their tongues, fans would like to see one more topping. >> >> world series.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: that would be a winning combination. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> all right, mel, i won't one of those burgers now. one dollar goes to children's national medical center. i think you have to put the heat on the burger. >> you have to. otherwise it's not a strasburger. >> he lived up to the hype. he has food named after him. >> i'm sure other people will take advantage of it, too. >> when might we see him next. >> in cleveland in a couple of days. he will pitch one every five starts. next start should be in cleveland. he could pitch back at home on the 17th or 18th of june. we are hoping for saturday game on fox. >> love that. >> tonight's game, you think we are in good shape weather-wise. >> nobody mentioned how nice it was last night. >> thank you for that. >> it was nice and cool. he was able to go seven innings, 103 miles per hour in the 7th inning? i'm not taking credit for
5:49 pm
that. yesterday was great. i think yesterday was the pick of the week. we have a pick of the week on friday it will be real nice. we may see a little sunshine trying to peek out this evening. the rain is getting out of here. temperatures have been coming up a little bit. we are at the high so far for the day of 73 degrees. i'll show you why in a second. let me show you the radar. we will start with that. we kind of got cheated, i think. all this rain coming across petered out. most of it stayed up to the north of us. we got a locally like six one hundreds of an inch. we are dry. we need rain coming across here. i hope we don't have to wait until tropical season before we have substantial rain. that's all we are left with is a spotty shower here and there. clouds left over at 11:00 but we should be dry.
5:50 pm
temperature about 70 or so. temperature should be steady in the lower 70s for the next several hours. we will get in the 60s overnight tonight. we will start off with sunshine tomorrow morning at 70 degrees. we will be up in the lower 80s by lunchtime tomorrow. the heat will return, especially for the weekend now. look at gaithersburg. 66 degrees. frederick 70. down i-95 you bump into this warmer stuff. 80 for fredricksburg. 75 for cup pepper. we have been talking about this all week long. there is heat to the south and southwest. ignore dallas. they are rain cooled at 79. you can see where the hot stuff is. it's building down here. it looks like it gets in here for the weekend. we are up to 87 tomorrow. briefly, slightly cooler but warm friday. friday is looking nice. then saturday and sunday the heat goes back to the upper 80s to around 90 sunday.
5:51 pm
it looks like we will have to add a little more humidity into the mix for the weekend. i think by sunday that feels- like temperature will be pushing the lower 90s. here came the rain. it looked more substantial than it amounted to in the rainfall bucket. i will fly you down to texas again to show you this interesting feature out of texas tonight. east texas, a lot of rain and thunderstorm activity. believe it or not, this will be the weather-maker coming our way as we start getting into saturday and sunday and bringing thunderstorms back into the forecast. this is tonight. notice where the concentration of showers and severe thunderstorms are. that will stay down there. it will walk along this high pressure. friday we are good. we have loads of sunshine. watch the feature stay together. by saturday it's closer to us. this may kick off thunderstorms
5:52 pm
saturday evening and lingering on through sunday. it will be a little unsettled through saturday and sunday and hot, too. sunny tomorrow, warm as the temperatures will go right back up to the 80s. we start off at 70. 81 by noon. 86 for a high temperature tomorrow. again friday a little cooler. it looks good. 84 degrees there. saturday, sunday the heat comes back and with it we will have scattered showers and thunderstorms. >> thanks, gary >> good for the nationals game. no problem. talk of the town on tmz is lindsay lohan heating for jail. harvey levin is live in los angeles. harvey, the judge is saying, lindsey, you can't drink and you have to wear a device on your ankle. it's supposed to set off a message to her parole officer if she's drinking, something went off and she is in hot water again, right?
5:53 pm
>> well, yes and no. so, the scram people say they detected alcohol. the judge revoked her bail yesterday, but everybody things that means lindsey forfeited $100,000 and will go to jail, none of that is true. all that happened is the judge essentially doubled the bail. so, okay, 100, now 200,000 bail. you have to put up 10% of 100, you have to put up another 10%, another $10,000 and you make bail and stay free. but here is the irony. she can just keep drinking. every time she violates she will probably pay another 10,000. the judge can't put her in bail. it's like paying for an expensive vodka. >> in the meantime, she has to go to these alcohol classes, right? it's not just a scram device
5:54 pm
she has to wear? >> right. but that all has to do with her probation. and the mom line is that the judge will deal with her probation issues on july 6th. for that, she could go to jail because she has violated that already. in terms of drinking between now and july 6th, the judge doesn't have a lot of power to do anything other than keep upping her bail. lindsey has to make a decision on how many times she wants to spend $10,000 every time she drinks. >> the drama continues. she looked good for the mtv music awards. we saw those and she looked refreshed. we will see. harvey levin thanks. tmz at 6:30. a new honor for the creator of agree. the butterfly ball honored ryan murphy last night. it's an event and fundraiser to help the homeless people become self-sufficient and get jobs.
5:55 pm
guest members showed up to support the group as well. >> big night and show. >> yeah. let's check in with brian and the "news edge at 6:00". >> one of aol's original employees, the developer of one of its first publishing platforms. he is in trouble using a hidden camera at a post prom party 
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a 4-year-old boy that survived a 70-foot fall from a balcony is back home. we told you about this story
5:59 pm
last week. he fell off the 17th floor apartment building landing in palm trees and bushes. he is being called a miracle >> he is my life and i love him. i thank god for him. i thank god that everything is fine and he is home and out of that hospital and that he's with me. just an overwhelming thing. i'm grateful. >> investigators believe the 4- year-old that has autism jumped over the railing. the "news edge at 6:00" starts right now. >> he helped make aol a technology giant. craig dykstra is one of the original employees that created the first publishing platform. fox 5 learned he is at


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